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Qingdao Oceanfriends IMP & EXP CO.,LTD (Oceanfriends International Trading Limited)-------professional seafoods supplier , established in 2005 in Qingdao, China. As a professional seafoods trading company,we export most of the seafood products from China to the world, and also purchase various seafoods from abroad.   We export: -Frozen Fish Products: Alaska Pollock, Pacific salmon,Atlantic salmon, Cod, Redfish,  Haddock, Saithe,  Sole fish,  Arrowtooth Flounder,Monkfish,Blue Whiting,Seabass,Hake,Hoki,M...{Read More}

Yellow Belly Sole

Yellowfin Sole IQF

Tilapia IQF

Pink Salmon Portion

Frozen Hoki Fillets

Hake IQF

Haddock Fillet

Roasted EEL

COD Fillet

COD Loin Vacuum

Chum Salmon Portion

Chum Salmon Fillet

Arrowtooth IQF


Smoked Squid Stripe

Saith Portion

Surimi Crab Stick

Surimi Crab Claw

Surim Crab Stick

Crab Stick

Squid Tube

Squid Ring

Loligo Squid TT

Whole Cooked Crawfish

Crawfish Tailmeat Fat out

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          Add:  Room 1202&1203, Building A, Mansion of Haidu International, No.205, Zhengyang Middle road